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Delta Vacations gives you the benefits, flexibility and service to truly customize your vacation experience. My tweaks seek to bring out more of a ‘Cult B-Movie’ type of environment – to heighten the incongruities between the game and real life while making it more true-to-life, believable and fun. There is always a fudge factor between gaming experience and reality, but I do my best to minimize the fudgyness. It’s a tall order, and I’ll probably fail on it for many people, but even then my tweaks are only tweaks – and each Player can tweak my tweaks to their liking or not use them at all. As well, my tweaks come from my own experience with the game, and though I have played it off and on for years I have never successfully completed it without cheating.

There is still plenty of time to plan a luxury summer getaway to a Blue Sky Vacation Home Hiking, boating, cycling, swimming, Hot Springs spas and nights spent in a luxury vacation home. Does this sound good to you? Well then, let us tell you about our Main Channel Breeze home.

Then, in 2007, Legally Blonde moved to the stage and opened on Broadway as Legally Blonde The Musical. Now, we have a curtain of a different color. As an avid theater goer, my interest was stirred. By the way, the color is Elle Woods’ signature color, pink, and it will be splashed all over the stage of the James F. Dean Theatre in Summerville for the next three weekends.vacation

We made the decision that we would continue to go out and see property several times a year, in order to keep ourselves informed about values and conditions, but we would wait to buy until prices stabilized. Sadly, Big Bear Lake suffered unprecedented numbers of foreclosures during this period. In some areas half of the cabins were empty. This process only accelerated in 2008. Eventually, entire neighborhoods in this beautiful mountain community became ghost towns. We went into several cabins that squatters had devasted. Prices tumbled further and further in Big Bear. Each trip to the town of Big Bear convinced us of two things: the 2+ hour drive was long, and the problems of the area were profound and would have lasting quality-of-life implications. Somewhere around a year ago, we agreed that Wrightwood would become the area in which we would concentrate.vacation

As I thought about what to prepare for breakfast, I started to feel stressed out. I had to get moving because I needed to walk the dogs, and then I wanted to be working out by such and such a time, so that I could get home, shower, and start being creative.vacation