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By Ruthanne Terrero, the Editorial Director of the Questex Travel Group, which includes Travel Agent magazine, Home-Based Travel Agent, Luxury Travel Advisor, Premier Hotels & Resorts and Premier Spas & Romance. I have been a member for 10 years and I have over 2 dozen reviews published with good feedback from members. TripAdvisor used to be a good site. Not anymore. In January 2017 I wrote a negative review about a restaurant that was first rejected for not a valid reason. Their reasoning made no sense. I objected and they published it. Unfortunately each time they deny a review, you have to rewrite it, they do NOT reactivate it. They have it in their system, so I am not sure why this is not done. I rewrote the review, it was published and the manager/owner responded. The response was ridiculous, claiming it was a misunderstanding due to language issues because I wrote the review in English, he assumed (?) I did not speak the local language. I do, I am a native of that country, living in the US. All my reviews are written in advisor

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Trip Advisor and Yelp rose in tandem between 2012 and 2014, gaining significant ground, and topped out in unison after breaking out into triple digits. Broad topping patterns yielded 2015 breakdowns for both issues, with subsequent downtrends continuing into 2017. Ironically, YELP’s relatively stronger 2016 performance may now offer a more profitable short sale than TRIP, with a breakdown through support at $32 opening the door to the mid-teens.

Later in the afternoon, we continued our enjoy exploring one of the world’s largest musical instruments, the Swan Bell at Bell Tower and Perth Mint before heading to King Street and Hay Street for leisure walk. We then continued the journey to St. George Terrace by visiting the Trinity United Church. We spent a quiet evening exploring Perth city’s sights across the Swan River by advisor

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