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If you are a travel agent, book through the tigerair website to get access to the lowest fares for your customers using tigerair travel agency portal. Commock: Well of course, the internet! Laughs At one point, we used to have a local travel agency that people go to, and they sit down and talk. It’s open during certain hours. Now, with the internet, everything is available to the clients at their fingertips, whether it’s 1 a.m. or 6 a.m.—they can go on their computer and research or book anything at anytime. So the internet really has been a big factor in the industry. Balboa is a 24-hour operation: We have our regular business hours, but our after-hours agents are there to assist in case of emergencies. That makes us accessible to both our domestic clients and clients agency

Frontier will provide the agency with an Invoice or Reference number for agency internal processing purposes. Invoice or Reference numbers sent from Frontier to assist agencies with mid/back office processes are not maintained by Frontier and have no association to the value of the ticketless transaction. Frontier cannot retrieve or reference any of the Invoice or Reference numbers sent after End agencytravel agency

Learning how to be a travel agent is not a difficult task. There is a lot of information available for any destination. To promote yourself, you can utilize website programs that are offered, print business cards and flyers, use word of mouth, and so on. It is not as hard as you think and with a little legwork, you can go a long way.

Promosi untuk produk jasa seperti Travel Agent memang ada sedikit kekhususan. Segmen sasarannya adalah menengah ke atas. Jadi kualitas pelayanan harus benar-benar diutamakan. Orang-orang dalam segmen tersebut sangat konsern sekali dengan hal tersebut (kualitas pelayanan). Ada hal kecil saja yang mengganggu kenyamanan mereka dalam bertransaksi di tempat ibu, maka besok tidak akan datang kembali untuk membeli tiket di tempat ibu.

In addition, reputable travel agencies list all of their contact information. If an online agency only lists an email address this may be a red flag. A reputable agency will have not only an email address but have a mailing address and a telephone number where you can reach a real live person to talk to in the event you have questions or concerns regarding your booking.