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On March 12, 2008, Southwest Airlines voluntarily grounded 44 planes to check if they needed further inspection. The FAA claimed that Southwest Airlines flew almost 60,000 flights without fuselage inspection. Southwest Airlines faced a $10.2 million fine if they violated FAA regulations. There have also been rumours that the FAA knew about Southwest Airlines violations but decided not to fine the airline because it would disrupt the service of Southwest.

and establish a legal precedent which defines the limit of acceptable below-cost ticket sales in the airline business. If this solution is unsuccessful or cannot be accomplished quickly enough, the alternative is to refine the language in the Airline Deregulation Act so that legitimate below-cost pricing can continue but clearly anti-competitive abuse of this provision is prohibited.

It had been claimed since the seven business class seats were already booked on IC-965, flying from Bangalore to Male, Air India switched to a bigger aircraft A320, with 20 business class seats, to accommodate seven members of the Deshpande family – in-laws of Patel’s daughter Avni.airline flightsairline flights