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including all the planning things and much more. This gigantic architecture is the proof of the struggle, planning and strategy made by defense to secure the grounds and skies. Here you will find plethora of military hardware in exhibition and can learn so much about the war happened in late 60s.

Duty free shops at the Delhi and Mumbai airports acts sure to lure treats for budget travellers taking airlines offering cheap flights to India. Purchasing high-class goods at knock down prices is the key reason why travellers taking tickets on flights to India never miss chance to shop at the duty free airport flight tickets

The first thing I like to do is get into a mental state of saving. Be flexible and don’t settle for one set time and date. If you want to travel, be in the traveling mind set. Don’t limit yourself to a set time because you will have to settle for whatever is available. Don’t put yourself in that situation. You are just going to spend more.

Victoria beckons with its picturesque surroundings, leafy parks, earthy brew pubs and plenty of noteworthy attractions. This majestic city is also called as the City of Gardens” and is always brimming with visitors. Below mentioned are the top attractions of this city.