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Split ticketing or split-city ticketing is buying two separate round-trip tickets for a single trip. The two round-trip flights take advantage of the airline’s pricing schemes to create a lower total airfare. In addition to paying less, there may be other benefits to booking split-city tickets. At Expedia you get real time information about flight times and we work with our suppliers to ensure we get the cheapest flights possible. So whether it is a local flight to Spain or first class tickets to New York at Expedia we have the right deal for you. These low cost airfares will be the cheapest available and they sell fast, so be sure to check Expedia every day for the best deals around. Fly often? Be sure to sign up to an account to make future bookings even easier.flightflight

We are all aware that Goods and Services Tax (GST) will be rolled out with effect from 1st July 2017. The intent of Government Of India is to simplify and harmonies the indirect tax regime in the country, however for service industry there is an increase in compliance level. The introduction of GST will broaden the tax base, and result in better tax compliance due to a robust IT infrastructure by ensuring seamless transfer of input tax credit from one stage to another in the chain of value addition.flight

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The online check in policy is a good opportunity for passengers to save on time. The online check in policy in Frontier airlines can be used to get faster service at the airport. The online check-in requires one to register baggage details online before the final day of departure – not only does this aid in saving on incurring baggage costs but also saves from last hour panic of getting to the airport and checking in.