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We use cookies and share your info with third parties to customise advertising, analyse traffic and provide social media related services. By using our website you accept our Cookies Policy. Click here for more information. Looking across the several travel portals should be the first step, when booking flight tickets in haste. Due to the promotional offers, some websites issue discounted airfare 24 or 48 hours prior to the scheduled departure of the flight. These might be tagged at a reduced price than the normal fare of the ticket of that journey. Travellers might be confused that why such deduced rates are offered at the last minute. This is mainly because of the fact that such flights have not been break even with the cost of flying for that particular journey. Just to promote an increased sale of tickets, the tickets are sold at a reduced rate to encourage more people to make reservations. However, this factor comes to best utilization during the off-season, most flights fly to their capacity during the peak-season.

Today travelers are able to find low-priced airline tickets of their most preferred airlines on one single travel site. They can also compare the best available prices offered by different airlines in order to discover which is the cheapest and the one that meets their requirements.

American Express relies on accurate airline transaction data to identify incidental fee purchases. If you do not see a credit for a qualifying incidental purchase on your eligible Card after 4 weeks, simply call the number on the back of your Card. See terms & conditions for more details.

Yes. There are non-fictional elements here. As far as we can tell the company really does run tours. The margins for this tour business are higher than most tour businesses report – and given the accounts are clearly more generally questionable I would not put much store in its value – but there is some value flight and hotel

Empesar Group is a renowned name for online business established in August 2012 as online travel company and initiated the operations with its online travel portal (). The Empesar group has set up an in house software development centre and started e commerce ( ) and online product exchange bank () in 2013. Empesar group has started online real estate listing and advertising company () in 2014 and entered into free online classifieds division () in 2015 with company’s vast experience in online flight and hotelbook flight and hotel