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It’s real simple: Always compare airfares No airline always has the best prices. Not Spirit, not Southwest, not every single time, and I’ve proven this If you don’t compare ticket prices (and it only takes a second) you could pay too much. Note: Go to the Southwest site to compare its fares; Southwest is the only airline that does not share this information. Now let us introduce you to a concept that is quite common between people who are frequent flyers. This concept is that airline prices will shoot up in direct proportion to the occasion. So for example an airline ticket on Christmas Eve for any destination around the world will be more expensive than a ticket for a flight in the middle of April. So this means that whenever you plan your dream vacation, make sure that you choose the most ideal time – when no holidays are nearby and you can get cheap tickets. Another advantage of doing is that the place that you go to won’t be crowded with tourists and you’ll get yourself a peaceful and serene environment to roam around.

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Holidays are usually planned for festive seasons and it is not wise to book air tickets at that time. During the festive season prices are very high and it is difficult to find cheap deals. If you are travelling within the country then there is the general rule of 42 days in advance flight bookings for getting the lowest flight tickets. Grab the opportunity when you see it. If you come across flight offers which are well within your price plan then don’t wait, just book the air tickets. Chances of getting higher prices after this period go on increasing. Even if your vacation is five or seven months away there is no need to air

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Indian Airlines flights are supported by a strong fleet of aircrafts with which it flies to 58 domestic and 18 international destinations The Airlines has 70 aircrafts including wide bodied airbus A- 300, A- 320, A- 319, Boeing 737, Dornier Do- 228 aircraft and ATR- 42.