Governors Island is a 172-acre island in the heart of New York Harbor. Yards away from lower Manhattan and Brooklyn, it’s easily accessible by ferry and open to the public during the summer. The success of Nikoi led the owners to look for another island to develop. The lessons learnt from Nikoi and a passion for being sensitive to both the environment, the local culture and to engage the local community inspired them to use bamboo as the primary building material on Cempedak.

Full results from the race are available here Chris Gregory finished in first place with a time of 2:34:05, a new course record. Sylvia Ravaglia was the first (and only) woman to finish the course with a time of 3:09:48. Congratulations to everyone who participated in this epic Big Island event. More photos from the race are available here Also, big mahalos to all of the volunteers! With three separate transition areas, this was a logistically difficult race that went off without a hitch because of them.island

Katafanga has apparently been on the market since 2005. It will likely be on the market for many more years, unless the asking price is dropped considerably (say to $US7m?). Or perhaps they are hoping for some bedazzled suddenly-flush celebrity to foolishly rush in before he (I doubt it could ever be a β€˜she’) has retained a business manager.island

All of the staff on Cempedak, except for one, are Indonesian. Combined, Nikoi and Cempedak employ over 200 staff. With no more than 40 guests on Cempedak at any time there is always a good number of staff to look after guests. Many of our staff started with us during the building phase so they have a true affinity with both Nikoi and Cemepdak.

The island is covered in grass, gorse, white and red fuchsia bushes, red campion, thistles, ragwort, nettles, bracken, brambles (more blackberries to eat), yarrow and thrift. The undergrowth is impenetrable away from the paths, which got quite narrow towards the house. There were a few full grown trees – some ash and a line of pine trees, possibly planted as a shelter belt.island