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Understanding Classes of Motorhomes

Posted on 25/08/2017 in Personal Product & Services by

If you are new to shopping for an RV, then you may be confused by the differences between the different classes. Different families will enjoy different RVs the best, so it is important to make an educated decision on the one that will meet your needs the best. Regardless of what class motorhome is right for you, if you are in the Metroplex, then talk to the kind salesforce at Voght RV. They will be glad to answer your questions, and show you the difference in different Tiffin motorhomes.

Class A Motorhomes

Class A motorhomes are the most luxurious with most having slideouts adding additional living space. These motorhomes often have a separate living space equipped with recliners or other comfortable chairs. Class A motorhomes usually have taller ceilings, so there is no need to worry if you are tall when you stand up straight.

Most people choosing Class …

Why You Want to Pay Big Bucks to Hire A Professional Photographer

Posted on 10/08/2017 in Personal Product & Services by

With a cell phone in everyone’s pockets and millions of great photos on Instagram taken by complete amateurs, it can be harder and harder to understand why someone would pay what seems like a fortune to hire the best professional photographers. Professional photographers bring far more to the table, however, than just an expensive camera. They also have several unique skill sets that make them worth their weight in gold. Here are 5 reasons you want to hire a professional photographer for your wedding.

1. For every epic Instagram photo there are at least 1,000 fails

Yes, if you take hundreds and hundreds of pictures, eventually you’re going to get one that is spectacular. For your most special moments in life, however, there are no redoes. You want to make sure that the person you hire is going to get it right the first time. Professional photographers have in fact …