Caribbean Islands To Fit Your Lifestyle

Day trips, Camping, Kayaking and Wildlife Cruises at closest island to the mainland. Some islands of Mexico, as Cozumel, have endless attractions and wonder to live! Some of them are considered strategic points to visit the surrounding areas; others Mexican Islands instead are for people looking for secluded and intimate spots, silence, total peace and relax; others have both things. Perhaps you just need a moment’s privacy between lovers to rekindle a romance as the waves roll gently onto the shore? Maybe you dream of a nature lover’s treasure trove as seabirds soar high above? Your ideal could include clam-digging fun for the whole family.. or a solitary moment reflected in a tidal pool. All these departures from the everyday are possible on the islands of Mexico.

If you want Polynesian culture, unspoiled by mass tourism, The Cook Islands are where you should go. The Cook Islands Polynesian culture is famous for a number of things. Woodcarving is a common art form in the Cook Islands. Each island is famous for something unique. Rarotonga is known for its fisherman’s gods and staff-gods, Atiu for its wooden seats, Mitiaro, Mauke and Atiu for mace and slab gods and Mangaia for its ceremonial adzes.island

New Providence is the principal island in the Bahamas. It is by far the most populous, most popular, and literally a magnet for vacationers, particularly Americans. On it is located Nassau, the largest and best known Bahamian city, which claims more than 175,000 people and over 400 banks (oh, did we mention that the Bahamas is a tax haven? No? Well, it is!)! Accommodations, dining choices and other visitor facilities are plentiful here, as are other real time tourist attractions. Besides its history-laden narrow streets and British-era forts, the chief draws here are the Atlantis International Resort and Casino and the Queen’s Staircase, the latter a 65-step stone stairway, representing one step for each year of Queen Victoria’s rule, which climbs 102 feet to Fort Fincastle. Popular activities include swimming, snorkeling, windsurfing, parasailing, diving, sport fishing, walking and bicycling.

The population of the Cooks is about 15,000, with about 9,000 living on Rarotonga. The main island has banks, ATM machines and dozens of restaurants, shops and markets. There is a modern telephone and international communications system with internet and e-mail access. Everyone speaks English, which is the official language, along with Cook Islands Maori. It is a stable self-governing democracy in free association with New Zealand and a member of the British Commonwealth. The people are very friendly, with a vibrant local culture of dance, music and crafts. There is a low crime rate.island

Oahu, Hawaii’s most populated and active island is home to the state’s capital, Honolulu. Honolulu is the central point for most of Hawaii’s economy and business. Its southern beaches attract famous surfers to compete with the tallest and most challenging waves the ocean offers.island