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To not lose it until the end of the flying season I was really lucky. It was stuck in a tree but blew down. It completely flew over a bunch of trees and landed next to a road. Another time it flew over a small pond. When I lost it the DT must have hung up and it circled for a long ways until over a cornfield.flightflight

A private jet is well appointed, offering a direct, smooth flight and seating up to 15 passengers. If First Class is the only way you consider flying, a charter flight can give you a great return on your money when time is of the essence. Prices can range from $800 to $5000 an hour, so your definition of low airfare must be pretty broad to offset the steep price with your comfort needs. If a group of business people need to travel together with expedience, such a flight is much easier to justify. The cost could be less than a first class for a short, domestic commercial flight.