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We use cookies and share your info with third parties to customise advertising, analyse traffic and provide social media related services. By using our website you accept our Cookies Policy. Click here to know more. To end the Sea to Sky highway drive, at 29 km, you will finally reach Nairn Falls Provincial Park. The falls 60 m high and a 1.5 km hiking trail will take you to the viewpoint. Nairn Falls is a dramatic example of the erosive power of water. Look for potholes” created in the rocks as the water spins trapped particles in ever-deepening flight and hotelbook flight and hotel

Hostel : Similar to youth hostel throughout the world. Dormitory style type of accommodation, where travelers share the same room space, bathroom/shower, and living room area. It is very popular among budget backpackers. Costs around 20 to 50 dollars per night/person.

This is fairly convincing. They are the same flights that I found when I did the same search on Indeed the prices were identical – and the main advantage of CTrip was that it also told me the pricing on alternate days in a neat graphical format. CTrip also gave me some neater phone options – including skype.

Though it is tough to keep in mind the days for the journey when looking for emergency tickets, it should be kept in mind as far as possible. Travelling on different days of the week has differential rates; hence booking should be done accordingly. It has been observed that the flight fares increase during the weekends, especially Fridays and Mondays. Making flight reservations on these days can be quite expensive, whether in advance or during last minute deals. Subsequently, booking during Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays is a lot cheaper. So, while making emergency transactions, make sure that the travelling part is not done on weekends. This will certainly reduce the travel expenses flight and hotel

Throughout the journey there were also some train personnel who came with food and drinks. When we were asked about the price of some fruit-smoothies we were told that it was free, so we happily (and probably a bit naive) took one each. Later that evening, however, another lady came and asked us to pay some 20.000 rupiah for the two drinks we had received. In the end we were forced to accept and pay, I mean, it was not a large sum but we did feel that the personnel had fooled us into accepting what we thought was free drinks in order to get more money. Just be aware that the things they offer to you in the train not are for free, and you can decide for yourself if it is something you want to pay for or not.