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Oops! You already have 5 alerts and can’t add any more. You can manage your alerts in the My Profile section. My number one destination for flight searches is none other than Google itself! A few years ago they bought one of the largest airfare shopping tools and that now powers Google Flights It also powers their super serious airfare search tool called ITA Matrix , but I recommend you stick to Google Flights unless you were a travel agent in a previous life.airfare

Payment & Ticketing – Ticket must be purchased at least 2 days prior to travel. Bookings made online must be purchased immediately with credit card. Prices are in US dollars and offer is available in the USA only. Electronic tickets will be issued on all eligible routes and sent to the email address provided in the booking process. Waitlisting is not permitted. Prices are subject to change at any time prior to purchase. We want to provide you with the most competitive fare deals in a fluctuating marketplace and because of this, prices may go down. Under the fare rules of all fare types (excluding full price fares) we are not able to provide rebooking with a refund of the difference in price if a lower fare becomes available. Please read all fare rules carefully before booking.

When you browse our airfares and destinations, you can be confident that paying less doesn’t mean you get less. This was actually our founding principle when we started, and we’re still working hard to provide our valued guests with the great value and exceptional service they deserve. Beyond providing cheap airfares, we’re also dedicated to corporate responsibility. That’s why we invest in our fleet – one of the youngest, most fuel-efficient in North America – and the communities we serve. Our community outreach programs include Airport Giving, which supports pediatric wards all over Canada, as well as The David Foster Foundation, Free The Children, Make-A-Wish Canada and more. In other words, your cheap airfare is just the beginning when you choose to fly WestJet.airfare

But, some companies charge a higher markup, while others charge a lower markup. Whereas the big consolidators might charge a $150 or $200 markup on the tickets they sell, there are other consolidators like that charge only a $50 markup on a resold ticket.airfare

Note: These dates are based on an analysis of airfare data and represent average ticket prices for top routes, but there may be a few where prices rise or fall a day or two earlier or later. Another good reason to not only compare airfare prices for possible travel days, but also for dates right around the ideal itinerary because it might save a bundle.