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Whatever you do you need to know that there are different ways of booking your hotel for your vacation and you can save hundreds of $$$ if you know where to find them. For example were you aware that there are big savings to be made by using hotel consolidators, but you may not be aware of who they are and what they do. The company claims in its core business to have 248 employees at YZL as of the end of 2007 – but given growth and acquisitions that number has grown. This business claims staff costs of $436 thousand. That is about $1800 per person per year using the low 248 employees number. This business would normally include some IT staff and other above-average wage earners – indeed one of the slides above says that the hotel booking business has over 200 professional staff”. The minimum wage in Shenzen is 1100 Remimbi per month which is $162 per month or $1940 per year. At a first cut this company is paying under minimum wages. In the claims at the top of this post they claim over 300 UTG customer representatives in just the call center. I guess a lot of people might be part time and there are very few higher-wage staff such as IT workers. But whatever – either they don’t have the staff or they are very lowly paid or the accounts are flight and hotelbook flight and hotel

One thing about Expedia however is that the price advertised is not always available. If I am looking on their flight deals for last minute getaways, I might see round trip tickets to Miami for $250 CAD (departing from Toronto), but once I click on the deal, it may say the price has increased to $350 CAD instead. This isn’t always the case, but it does happen sometimes which is something to keep in mind.

Extra charges can be a really heavy paper note. There are local taxes and even additional hotel charges that can give a sudden boost to your bill to surprise you. Watch out for these charges. They can make a significant difference in the money spent on the flight and hotel

The first and the foremost step to be taken for booking last minute cheap flights is to search for the list of airlines that are scheduled for the day, to the destination where you have to visit. Same is the case with the booking for cheap International travel. So, first look for the scheduled cheap flights of the day. You will surely get to know numerous alternatives for consideration. The best place to search is either online or manually by visiting the airline offices only. You can even ask for cheap flights from travel agents.

For instance, last-minute airfares on online agents’ sites are often cheaper. And package deals that include hotels and cars, or cruises, can trim costs. Of course with less competition from other online booking agents (expect more mom and pop sites to be bought up in the future, some experts say), those bargains may not be as alluring as they once were. Or maybe, given that Expedia and Priceline would be the two leading online agents in the United States, they would be able to drive a harder bargain with the airlines and hotels, scoring better deals for their users. We’ll have to wait and see.