Big Mountain Campground

Since 1996 The Mountain Institute has worked in the world’s longest mountain range. Our inclusive approach bridges sustainable development, modern science and traditional knowledge. We help Andean communities become more resilient as they adapt to climate hange. As partners, we create more sustainable mountain economies while protecting ancient cultures and fragile ecosystems. What else? Most of the logo t-shirts are out of stock and I’m ordering more. Soon. Not as many color options. I’ve got a new logo for a t-shirt that’s going to be rad. And I’ve got a design for a hoody that going to be equally great because Fall’s coming. I received today a big fill-in order for jerseys in both the two styles – lots of long sleeve thermal jerseys, club cut short sleeves, and race cut short sleeves. And shorts in bib style and non-bib.

We will start by looking at the performances that this bikes have to offer. We will list all the necessary information from which you can start to build your list of requirements. A brief description will be offered in order for you to get a feel of the bike and what it could do for you. The price of the bike will be offered and a supplier for the bike can also be found in the form of a link.mountainmountainmountain

I’m not really a philosophical guy always looking for meaning in life. If I’m feeding myself every day, feeling comfortable in my ability to live sparsely (albeit with a pretty big collection of bikes), then I feel I’m doing ok. I have a love/hate relationship with the social media I maintain, most of which centers around my business, which is bikes, with the occasional music related post about the two radio shows I do. Lots of pictures of objects, few of people. In some ways, I feel that privacy is important and people pictures take some of that privacy away. My brother is a photo-journalist and probably feels the exact opposite – if it’s in a public setting, it’s fair game.

This above photo is for my wife who is in Florida now for a graduation ceremony. One week ago we were eating one of my cowboy breakfasts at this spot and it just goes to show how fast our weather can change. Below are the aspen trees across from our house with the leaves developing.

This started off more as a post about being hamstrung by all the pulls from the social media I maintain, which in a very large part are maintained solely to manage my business. Larger thoughts go on the blog. Links to the blog and some bike photos go on the Facebook page. Photos of bikes and bike rides go on Instagram with a few words. What’s In The Stand photos go on the Tumblr page. Rules. I need some rules to maintain my life. To make sense of it all. Rules in my life to maintain my focus. And then when it all gets too much, I go on a bike ride. No cell phone (don’t own one). No connectivity. But I will take a camera because if there’s something interesting, I’ll shoot it and share it and, in some way, work it to help promote my shop and brand so that I can keep on going on bike rides and feeding myself.