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Set up an account today and start receiving exclusive deals and discounts reserved only for you! I wasn’t about to let the evening pass without going around the city. Thus, despite the rains, I hailed a tricycle and went to Embarcadero, Legazpi’s newest attraction by the sea. The ride took only around 10 minutes, but cost me P50.00. Many of the stores were already closed when I arrived at the place around 9:30 p.m. However, the security guard told me that the place is generally open until the wee hours of the morning, especially the restaurants.

The tour and travel package should be scheduled as per the season; popular seasons include mid-June to late August. If less crowded time is preferred, then don’t hesitate in booking the Greece package somewhere around autumn or spring; this will surely help in escaping commercialization.

Unfortunately, coo-coo clams is a west coast thing-not on any Charleston menu that I am aware of. After your tour of the Niña, if you want the best clams in Charleston, try The Fig on Meeting Street. Its Razor Clam Ceviche is considered by many to be the best.vacation

This is where the story takes a twist. The channel shifted once again. This time threatening Charleston Harbor, which could not be allowed to happen. Jetties were built-saving the harbor, but the result caused severe erosion on Morris Island. The island shrunk. Many of the buildings, which included the keeper’s house and a school house, were destroyed by other powerful natural forces or moved.vacation

Pin Traders Store. If you are looking for something simple, and NOT expensive for your child to collect and be able to save, a great idea would be for them to start collecting pins! When we had went down for the boys first time to Disney, I bought them pins, not really knowing that there was so much more that they would be able to do with them someday! I also went to Disney Marketplace July of 2009, and bought the boys a pin. And this year, the boys bought themselves MORE pins and my oldest son even bought a necklace to put all of his pins on. The neat thing about these pins are that your children (or the adults!) can trade these pins! They are encouraged to talk to cast members (people who are working for Disney) and see if they can trade any pins they have! There are also special events during the year when families can go and trade during special events. I think this is something my boys will enjoy doing for a while yet, and then enjoy having as great memories when they are even older.vacation