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Planning always gives you an advantage in that you have more chance to find cheaper hotel rates and discount airfare tickets which are available for early birds. For flights, more especially, you pay a lot less if you book your tickets weeks ahead. Sometimes I even book flights months in advance if I can afford to. With hundreds of thousands of new fares coming into the airline systems each day, mistakes are bound to happen. Sometimes it is as simple as dropping the last digit off a fare (as when American posted a First Class roundtrip fare between Southern California (Orange County) and Cincinnati for $200 instead of $2,000). Sometimes its a low fare meant for night flights – but allowing it for daytime travel as well. United’s latest goof was on Jan 31 with roundtrip fares to Paris, Hong Kong, etc for under $30. Two years ago United posted $0 (that’s zero) fares between Denver and New York, Washington, Chicago, Atlanta Baltimore and Dallas, etc. After adding assorted taxes and fees you could have traveled round trip for about $16 – if you had exploited it early. The mistake was withdrawn within 6 hours.airfare

More often than not, the most ideal way to find less expensive airline tickets is to start looking well in advance. Normally, a good rule to follow is to reserve your flight a minimum of 21 days prior to your flight, but there are particular times during the year that you should do it even earlier. If you are traveling to popular destinations during the summer, or during the holiday season, you should book your flight more than a month ahead to get the best deal.

Click on any of the Airline Reservation sites above to get your ticket and chances are you will pay at least $200 more for your ticket than necessary – unless you check Internet Air Fares first. One airline won’t tell you of a better deal on another, but we will – and we’ll tell you how to get it.airfare

Consultations with our travel experts can save you hours searching online, no matter how simple or complicated the itinerary thanks to years of holiday planning experience. And unlike booking airfares online, we can even hold seats for a period of time before full payment is due.airfare

The extra costs can prove to increase the cost of anything if you are not aware they exist. Ask questions and always read the fine print. You will save yourself money and frustration when you know everything that is included in the price of a ticket or reservation. It could be as much as fifty dollars.