Batu Night Spectacular

Mavuva Island is located approximately 23 nautical miles from the colourful town of Labasa, which is situated on the second main island of Fiji, Vanua Levu. Four hours is the flying time from Brisbane to Nadi, with a 45-minute duration connecting flight from Nadi to Labasa. High speed Water Taxi Transfer from Labasa to Mavuva Island Resort takes approximately 25 minutes, with a total of approximately six hours travelling time from Brisbane to Mavuva Island Resort. Job opportunities – well, would you work for $2 an hour when you could go fishing or make mats or sit under a mango tree and tell stories. Working in resorts ain’t everything. Sometimes the staff are treated as servants and not real people. A very real kind of class system.

Some older homes with an awkward kitchen floor plan with limited space can also benefit from a kitchen island design idea. Closed off kitchens have been transformed into more open looking kitchens by lowering existing walls half way to forms islands between the kitchen and nearby living space.island

A key consideration in our approach to developing Cempedak was to work with the local communities on Bintan and neighbouring islands. Not only do many of our staff come from these communities but the island supports these communities by sourcing supplies locally.islandisland

The success of our land-based conservation model has involved focussing on communities and their development as a strategy to ensure their buy-in for conservation and to mitigate their potential impact on the environment. Once community relationships have been established, we have been able to carry out focussed research projects on the reserves.

This years Steak and Sinatra Night is on June 17th, 6:30 ish at the Club House. Here’s the important part. ALL TICKETS ARE TO BE PRE SOLD. Read that again. PRE SOLD. Contact Either of the Dowells’, ANY of the officers or Me. We will get you connected to a ticket or 4. The plan right now is to limit the sales to 60 so don’t wait. Remember PRE SOLD. No walking up to the door with money in hand. No excuses.