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Alfa Travel is one of the UK’s largest coach holiday companies covering the North West, North East, Midlands, South East and Yorkshire & Humberside. I arrived from the airport after dark. I decided to take 40/National Rd. rather than the interstate, as it looked like a direct route. The drive was about 10 minutes, and it would have been less except that there was a line of traffic behind a car going much slower than the speed limit. Fortunately, my GPS took me to the exact location of this hotel, because it was difficult to see the drive in the dark. There is no outside lighting at the entrance from the advisortravel advisor

In October 2014, health authorities temporarily closed the Jeram Toi waterfall and recreational park in Negeri Sembilan State (western Malaysia) after 4 teenage children became ill with leptospirosis after swimming at the park. See travel health reports for further information.

As at 10 April 2017, Yellow Fever outbreaks remain a problem in Brazil. Rio de Janeiro city has now been added to the areas for which vaccination is recommended. Travellers who are unable to have yellow fever vaccination should reconsider their travel plans. See travel health reports and our fact sheets for further information.

Please write why you support this student receiving a travel award to attend a meeting of the Texas Section of the APS. You should also state if other travel funds will be provided to supplement our award. This will not detract from the chance of receiving an award.

A typhoid outbreak was reported in the Ugandan capital Kampala, commencing early 2015, ongoing as at April 2015 and with spread to other parts of Uganda. Contaminated water and juices were thought to be significant sources. See our travel health reports for futher advisor