A Smoky Mountain HI

I index thousands of records a year and most of them are straight forward births, marriages, deaths, obits, muster rolls and so on (if you don’t know what Indexing is, click here ). Life’s events play out on digititized pages that I download on my home computer. It’s all fascinating to me, to see naming patterns, occupations practiced in various areas, causes of death, and which ethnicities appear where and when. It’s a habit of mine to read between the lines and place the data into historical context. Saturday AM I hiked to the top of a overlook near Mount Davis (7905′) to get a good seat and watch the days firefight begin. The winds were low, allowing for an air assault on the Gladiator Fire unlike the day before. Armed with long camera lenses, I attempted to photograph and made a couple of still camera videos of the Gladiator Fire, as it blew up during the day. Please forgive some of the images as this was a long way from the fire.mountain

Radicle describes the first part of the seed to emerge after germination that subsequently becomes the primary root. Radicles and the roots they become are a most powerful natural force that, as every city sidewalk knows, will crack and divide concrete. The soil depends upon these mighty revolutionaries to deeply move, turn and aerate the surface of the planet so that life can ascend from it. Plants ‘know’ that in order for productive growth to be sustained, they must first set their roots and begin to make contact with the vast and nutritious field of minerals and essential microbes within the substratum.mountain

Again that total lack of squeamishness, that intimacy. My girlfriend and I went together. As we stood in the slow waves of heat emanating from the table, agonising over what to pick up with the chopsticks, it felt for a second like some bizarre buffet spread. What a surreal privilege to be vulturing this man’s bones! Eventually we chose a section of fibula, which came away easily. The fire had burned out all the elastic collagen, leaving it brittle.mountain

In 2014, I emigrated. My wife and I moved with our two young children from urban England, where we had always lived, to rural Ireland. We bought ourselves a small bungalow with two and a half acres of land up a quiet lane. It was the culmination of a personal project we’ve been engaged in for more than half a decade: to find a way escape from the urban consumer machine we were both brought up in.

While walking on one of the trails, my husband spotted this snake, that I was just about to step on! My husband, being the native Texan that he is, is a pro at spotting such things. I was just happily walking along enjoying the moment, oblivious to the slithering going on by my feet!