A British Island Adventure

Bangchuidao Island is an islet composed mostly of rock, in Dalian , Liaoning Province , China. The island’s Pulau gained popularity a few years ago since the television show Survivor used it as a backdrop for its popular series. Most people don’t realize that Pulau is actually a chain of islands located not far from Malaysia and not just one single island.

Your options are another one of the many pros or plus sides to staying along the beach for your next trip to Hawaii. What many individuals do not realize is that Hawaii beach accommodations come in a number of different formats. Of course, you can book a stay at a Hawaii beachfront vacation resort or a beachfront hotel, but those are not your only options. Private beachfront vacation rentals are also available and they come in the form of condos, villas, cottages, and apartment rentals. When deciding where you would like to stay, keep the size of your family in mind. Vacation villas, cottages, and other private home rentals are ideal for large family vacations or even just small families seeking privacy.

Churchend houses sport the traditional Essex timber cladding, but curiously have a combination of white and black sides. House martins are plentiful here, with each house having dozens of nests under the eaves. Top windows tended to have a plastic bag trapped in them to try and deter the birds from nesting above them.island

HIKING IN THE CARIBBEAN – Dominica – Valley of Desolation and the Boiling Lake; Dominican Republic – Pico Duarte Ascent (Caribbean’s highest peak); Grenada – Mt. Qua Qua; Guadeloupe – La Soufriere Volcano; Jamaica – Blue Mountains; Puerto Rico – El Yunque National Forest; St. Kitts – Bloody Rivers Stream; Tobago – Little Tobago Cay; Trinidad – Asa Wright Nature Center; and the US Virgin Islands – 2/3 of the island of St John is a nature preserve.

In the surrounding area around the town of Avalon are charming lanes and hiking trails that branch out from the town center to destinations all over the island. For those not inclined to walk, there are many alternatives including golf cart rentals and shuttle bus aervices that take visitors from either end of the island. The hiking trails on Catalina are expansive, yet beautiful as on many points they afford hikers 360 views of the ocean. Many of the trails are ideal for more experienced hikers with proper equipment. One of the more unique attractions for those seeking an outdoor and nature experience are Catalina’s many free roaming buffalo. Originally introduced to the island in the 1920s, the buffalo were used in many old western Hollywood shoots. Today the buffalo population is over 250. The island offers a safari like tour where visitors sit in back of giant jeeps and are taken through the area where the buffalo’s roam much like a tour you would see in Africa.islandisland