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Why You Want to Pay Big Bucks to Hire A Professional Photographer

With a cell phone in everyone’s pockets and millions of great photos on Instagram taken by complete amateurs, it can be harder and harder to understand why someone would pay what seems like a fortune to hire the best professional photographers. Professional photographers bring far more to the table, however, than just an expensive camera. They also have several unique skill sets that make them worth their weight in gold. Here are 5 reasons you want to hire a professional photographer for your wedding.

1. For every epic Instagram photo there are at least 1,000 fails

Yes, if you take hundreds and hundreds of pictures, eventually you’re going to get one that is spectacular. For your most special moments in life, however, there are no redoes. You want to make sure that the person you hire is going to get it right the first time. Professional photographers have in fact taken thousands and thousands of failed photos, so what you are paying them for is the learning curve it took to make every photo epic.

2. They know your best angles

As you probably know, the camera automatically adds roughly 15 pounds to anyone but the right angles and lighting can minimize a great deal of this distortion. Yes, everyone has a camera in their pockets, but we’ve also seen how disastrous the results can be in the hands of someone who really doesn’t know what they are doing. Trust me, you want a photo of you looking fabulous on your special day, not looking like a dumpy over-fried mushroom.

3. People skills

Not everyone knows how to act naturally in front of a camera and if you will have children or pets at your wedding, that requires a whole other skill set. A professional photographer will help the other people at your event relax, have fun and look like they really want to be there – even on camera. Professional photographers also know how to work with children and animals to help them be a picturesque part of your best memories.

4. Photoshop

Yes, most everyone these days knows how to use photoshop, but their results often end up looking something like Frankenstein’s monster. While you may be quite proud of your wrinkles and don’t want them photoshopped out, what you may be more keen to have photoshopped out of your most precious photos is the fly that landed on your face just as you were kissing the bride after she said, “I do.”

5. Artistry

Photography is sometimes referred to as “painting with light” because great photographers do so much more than just simply take a picture. Remember that photographers are artists and they want to do so much more than just take a photo – they want to create a work of art. If you just want a basic memory of a moment, get a friend to snap a pic, but if you want a work of art to commemorate your most cherished moments in life, hire a professional photographer.

Remember that just because someone owns a high-end camera package does not mean they really know how to use it. Before hiring a wedding photographer Stamford, be sure and check out their portfolio and ask for references. Remember, there are no redoes, so make sure you do your due diligence to hire the very best person to get it right the first time.