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Today, there are a large number of websites that offer the services of online booking of cheap international air tickets as well as tickets for domestic flights in India. These websites have proved to be a boon for multitude of people who are frequent air travelers. The purpose for their traveling may vary from a business trip or a leisure trip to see new places, but they prefer to travel by air so as to avoid traffic. To get the most inexpensive airfares we advise you to fly on Monday to Thursday. Airlines take a add-on charge for weekend travel. There is more requirement for weekend flights and consequently the rates go high. When making a choice of travel dates, kindly be aware that airfares are reliant on the travel season. Airlines divide up the world into dissimilar regions and seasons. Each area has its Low Season (Cheapest Airfares), Shoulder Season (Cheap Airfares) and High Season (Expensive Airfares).international flightsinternational flights

Once you have explored the airport and learned about all the outlets there, choose a nice restaurant to have a meal. You can relax ad read a book over a glass of wine and some delicious food. This way, you won’t even realise the hours you have spent waiting at the airport. If you are not in the mood for a heavy meal, have a cup or coffee and a croissant while you wait for the next flight.

What makes it extremely easy and simple is the availability of cheap international travel packages. These packages have made it possible for anyone to not only think but also enjoy a vacation abroad. America and Europe have always topped the chart of anyone planning to travel abroad. But what has come as a surprise is not only the ease with which one can travel to these countries but also the possible of enjoying cheap international travel packages to these countries.

Chandigarh Airport has been in existence for several years offering domestic flights only. The old-fashioned airport had the worse looks than the local bus station of Chandigarh. Things are changing now. The airport is to have new jet-age looks with state-of-the-art facilities. The deadline to finish the renovations was the end of December 2010. If delayed, it should finish the renovations a couple of months late i.e. by February 2011. Thereafter the airport will invite various airlines to operate flights to countries in the Middle East like Dubai and the Far East countries like Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore etc. The airport will be capable of offering only a few international flights. It will however open up doors to passengers who want to travel to Europe and North America via Dubai and other countries via the Far East. If all goes will, this may happen by March 2011 based on whether the interested airlines will decide to operate flights from flights

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