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The Right Care for a Bonsai Tree

homes and gardens that have potted trees especially the bonsai type appear very beautiful. A large number of people have the perception that it is hectic process to take care of a bonsai tree. However, you can easily maintain this type of trees if you are sure of what to do.

All the species of bonsai tree require the same basic routine care. If you are planning to grow a bonsai tree, it is important to remember that each type has a specific requirements such as the amount of water, light, fertilizer and positioning.

Just as any other type of tree and organism, bonsai trees also require a specific watering frequency and amount of water. Certain factors influences the amount of water needed by bonsai trees. These factors include the size of the tree and that of the containing pot. The type of soil and the season would also have an impact on the amount of water a bonsai tree would need.
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On of the things that you ought to do regularly is examining the soil below the surface of your bonsai tree. If the surface looks and feels very dry, it is an indicator that the tree needs to be watered. The soil should be fairly wet to ensure that there is enough moisture for growth.
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Having a rigid watering routine is not advisable as different bonsai trees consume water at different rates. Humidity is an environmental condition that may affect your trees. The root system of any bonsai tree should be completely soaked with water to ensure that it has enough amount. You should not give the tree too much water or inadequate water as this can expose it harm

You should choose the most suitable type of soil to grow your bonsai tree. Premixed bonsai soils can be easily found in various stores for bonsai trees or if you search in the web. However, you can still buy the needed ingredients and mix them on your own. This way you will be able to mix the ingredients according to the needs of your tree type.

You ought to have three main ingredients for your mixture. Akdama, fine gravel and compost are the main components that every mixture should have. Akdama is variety of clay soil that is mostly used for planting bonsai trees. Other varieties of hard clay or cat litter can serve as alternatives in case you are not able to find akdama. If you live in wet climate areas, your bonsai tree will need high amounts of akdama and grit to improve on drainage.