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Butterfield & Robinson, one of the world’s leading travel companies, is hiring a Travel Advisor to join our Sales team. Butterfield & Robinson’s continued success depends upon the development and sale of our Travel offerings. The Travel Advisor is responsible for selling and servicing unique and travel experiences both within their region of expertise and throughout the world. In April 2016, the USA CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), following publication of an article in the New England Journal of Medicine that reviewed the available evidence, issued a statement that concluded, after careful review of existing evidence, Zika virus infection in pregnancy is a cause of microcephaly and other severe foetal brain defects. See our travel health reports and Zika Virus Fact Sheet for further information and advice.

Do travel agents charge? Yes, travel agents and advisors are compensated for their time, expertise and the resources they deploy on your behalf. Brownell travel advisors charge planning fees, a model much like architects, interior designers and financial planners utilize. Average travel agent commissions are nominal and fees allow travel advisors the freedom to invest time and great care in your departure. Fees range from $25 for simple hotel bookings, to upwards of $250 per week based on the intricacy of the itinerary, length of travel and number of passengers. Please note, the planning fee is custom to each client and departure and is up to the discretion of the travel advisor. Very often, clients find that they more than make up the planning fee in the discounts, food and beverage credits, extra amenities and value-adds that Brownell travel advisors are able to advisor

I had been letting my cottage with TripAdvisor (originally HolidayLettings) for nearly 7 years. All was good under HolidayLettings until TripAdvisor took control. Without going into every last detail of how poor they have become I will be brief and give readers the main reasons why I am no longer with them. My subscription renewal was just about doubled this year with no explanation at all. I did reply to an email that was sent to me requesting an explanation, expecting all the usual pathetic reasons they normally give you, but what I actually got was nothing. They could not even be bothered to respond to this valued customer that has been handing cash over to them for the previous 6 years. I have become very aware of what TripAdvisor are doing. They do not want owners paying subscriptions as they can make much more cash by forcing owners to use their pay as you book advisor

Rather than simply being order-takers, they’re now experts who use their unique knowledge to help travellers dream-up, piece together and enjoy a trip which suits them perfectly. And just as technology has changed the way people research, plan and share their travel experiences, it’s also influenced the way advisors do business.

A large outbreak of MERS-CoV (Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus) commenced in South Korea following return of an infected traveller to South Korea from the Middle East. A related case also occurred in China (after travel from South Korea to Hong Kong SAR and mainland China) See individual travel health reports and our Fact Sheet on advisor