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The U.S. Is Still Considering Laptop Ban On All International Flights?! Ft. DavidSoComedy

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All passengers, including children and newborns, are required to have a passport to leave, enter, or re-enter the United States. Please be sure to bring all required documents for your outbound and return flights. Visit Travel Gov for more information about document flights

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has implemented Secure Flight, a program developed to provide a uniform watch list matching by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA). By establishing one consistent watch list matching system, Secure Flight will enhance aviation security and help make travel easier for passengers.

This year, Brazil is going to be an interesting case. Typically, Olympic cities see a huge surge in interest and bookings. Therefore prices tend to be higher much earlier. The Zika virus is putting a bit of a damper on plans for American travelers, who do tend to be more conservative and focused on safety when traveling abroad. Turkey’s recent political problems have once again made Turkey a bargain, after years in which it wasn’ flights

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