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Hypnosis: A clearer Journey Through Emotional issues There is always an air of mystery associated with the word hypnosis. It is however quite unfortunate that some peoples knowledge about this technique is only limited to what they see people under hypnotist’s control doing. Testimonies of people who have undergone the therapeutic setting of hypnosis are always positive as they always feel good about it. As a result of misguided misconceptions that people hold about hypnosis, this article aims at adding to the body of knowledge available about using hypnosis in therapeutic session. What sorts of issues can be resolved with hypnosis? Anxiety Before the sessions begin, the therapist studies client history as obtained from them to determine whether there is a link. Upon determining the link, both the client and the therapist discuss it so as to develop the course of action to be taken.
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After that, the client is made aware of the various symptoms of panic. Upon identification of the symptoms, the client is taught their relevance and how to deal with them when they occur. In most cases the client is asked to participate in a progressive relaxation that leads to a relaxing hypnotic trance during which therapeutic suggestions are given that assist the client to alleviate anxiety. The therapists expects the client to rehearse the progressive relaxation techniques regularly. Moreover, when the client gets treated using hypnotherapy states, they mainly get healed.
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Failure to sleep In our modern world, this is a very prevalent condition. Every one of us has experienced this condition at some point in life. When alleviating this condition, therapists always take an holistic approach. Before a therapist considers mental activity as a cause, they first have to go through all the other possible causes. When it is clear that therapist has identified a root to the problem, therapeutic suggestions are made after the client gets into trance. Smoking If one wants to quit smoking,the decision should be voluntary. This is due to the fact that people cannot be made to do what is against their will. Therefore if a smoker desires to quit, the smoker must really want to quit. One of the main elements that assist the client to become single-minded about quitting is to educate the client about the harmful effects of smoking. The therapist should also help the client discover the possible causes or triggers that have brought on the smoking habit and suggest alternative ways that the causes or triggers can be dealt with. After the client has been fed with all the information, he or she is made to relax and given various therapeutic suggestions. The possibility of relapse is not ignored and the client is made to mentally rehearse so as to deal with those events. Weight Loss The medical causes to weight gain are eliminated. Hypnotherapy will assist best when the causes are due to behavioral, psychological or emotional factors. Moreover, Clinical hypnotherapy has a wide range of application when solving emotional issues apart from those mentioned.