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A Guide on How to Make the Perfect Pierogies I bet that you will agree with the statement “home cooked meals are the best kinds of dishes”. Doesn’t matter if it’s a regular supper with your family or you are expecting guests to come over, you can always be sure that everyone will love your family’s delicacies. When we serve and eat good food, we are reminded of the good old days and at the same time, our relationship with our family members strengthens. In this article, allow me to teach you how to make one of the best home cooked meals that everybody loves- pierogies. “Varenyky” is the other term used for pierogies. These treats originated from Central and Eastern Europe but they are very popular worldwide. Pierogies is a very popular pastry with fillings inside. Meat, vegetables, and cheese are just some examples of pierogie fillings. Two of the most common ways of making these homemade delicacies is by boiling or frying. Doesn’t matter what fillings you choose and what cooking method you use, you will be very confident that it will be mouth-watering. What ingredients do you need to prepare?
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-4 cups of all-purpose flour
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-Prepare two teaspoons of salt. -Prepare two teaspoons of pepper. -Prepare two teaspoons of melted butter. -Prepare two cups of sour cream. -3 eggs -Vegetable oil (two teaspoons) -8 potatoes -Prepare one cup of shredded cheese. -Prepare three tablespoons of cheese sauce. Prepare an onion. The first step is to get a large bowl where you can mix your flour and salt. The next step is to prepare another bowl where you can mix and whisk your melted butter, eggs, vegetable oil, and sour cream. Make sure you stir very well in order for all the ingredients to blend together. Cover the bowl with a clean towel and wait for the dough to rise. While waiting for your dough to rise, it is now time to cook your potatoes. To cook your potatoes, get a huge pot and boil it for approximately 15 minutes. Once your potatoes are well cooked, mash them and mix in your shredded cheese and cheese sauce (it’s better if the sauce is hot). Don’t forget to add flavor to your filling by seasoning it with salt and pepper. Once your dough has risen, divide it into two balls. Roll your dough on a flat surface (floured). After rolling the dough, the next step is to start cutting it into circles (you will need a cookie cutter or a perogie cutter. Now that you have cut circles of dough, you may now put the filling on the center of each. Press the dough well to seal the edges. To cook the perogies, you can either boil or fry them.