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Program For Travel Agencies

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Search for a vacation travel agent by specialty or interest and we will take time to understand your unique travel style for a personalized vacation. If not, please fax your W9/W8 form to 808-748-2201 (Attention: Cash Back Booking Bonus Program) to prevent any delays in processing. Our accounting department requires a valid W9/W8 form on file in order to process check payment. Also, please note that if you wish to receive payment at your home address, use your name and your home address on the W9/W8 form. If the payment should go to the agency, use the agency name and address on the W9/W8 form.travel agency

So before engaging in a local tourist guide, you must first get your local Morocco Travel Agency to find out some details about that agency just to ensure your safety. Get some brochures and pamphlets on the destinations offered and do some research on the …