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Table Mountain Aerial Cableway

Posted on 10/01/2017 in mountain by

It’s the first real rain we’ve had here for over a month and it’s like it’s making up for lost time! Grim, heavy rain! Luckily for me, I’ve had plenty of indoor work to be getting on with! Last Friday Carol noted a small cyst forming. This is the first it has appeared where we could see it. We did not give Bozley the prednisone as we did not see a hot spot. It was a cyst below the surface that did not appear until Friday and the prednisone would not have helped that condition at all.mountain

The effect of the climate on the ecology at an elevation can be largely captured through a combination of amount of precipitation, and the biotemperature , as described by Leslie Holdridge in 1947. 27 Biotemperature is the mean temperature; all temperatures below 0 °C (32 °F) are considered to be 0 °C. When …