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We are ridiculously fun & eclectic hip hotels in Victoria and Kelowna BC that are so completely awesome your mind will be blown! Ok, slight exaggeration, but we swear it’s like nothing you’ve ever seen before: vintage VW and retro Chevy shuttle vans, rotary dial phones, typewriter stations, comic books and more… we are Rebels Against the Ordinary.

Plan a culture-filled excursion for the whole family along downtown Louisville’s Museum Row – home to ten original attractions within four walkable blocks of 21c Louisville. Fuel up for a day of discovery with a hearty breakfast for two at Proof on Main and explore the art of today in our gallery spaces. Venture to the Frazier History Museum to experience the world of Panem as created in the Hunger Games films. The package includes two tickets to the exclusive The Hunger Games: The Exhibition. Finally, tuck in for a restful night’s slumber with the Red Penguin.hotel

Kadang suka ada promo menarik dari website Novus Giri. Contohnya waktu saya menginap dulu ada promo kalau nge-tweet tentang Novus Giri maka akan eligible untuk diskon Spa yang lumayan. Oya, tempat spa nya juga terlihat enak dan nyaman banget deh.. Pengen juga kapan-kapan kalau kesini lagi mau cobain spa-nya. Untuk hari ini saya lihat di website nya ada Secret Offer, jadi tinggal isi tanggal rencana kedatangan lalu nanti akan di email oleh pihak hotel apabila pada tanggal tersebut sedang ada secret offer yang berlaku.

Fasilitas di Deluxe Room Private Double & Triple Bedroom, Hot & Cool Water, Telephone, TV Cable, Refrigerator, Private Terrace & Mountain View. Dan untuk fasilitas Superior Room Private Twin Bedroom, Hot&Cool Water, Telephone,TV Cable, Refrigerator, Private Terrace and Mountain View.hotelhotel