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Silver Travel Advisor Awards 2017

We began this walk near the central railway station of Rome, Roma Termini ( One or Two Hours in Rome, Italy ) with the intention to see as much as possible in one or two hours we have between two trains, because we presume we have to continue our trip. West Australian health authorities reported two cases of severe pneumonia caused by Legionnaires’ Disease in travellers returning from Bali. At that stage (August 30 2010) it was not certain where they were exposed to the bacteria. Since then, by January 2011, further cases have been reported in travellers returning to Western Australia and Victoria. 11 cases have been notified in total to date. Of 10 cases, 9 have stayed at the same hotel in Kuta Beach (The Ramayama Resort & Spa) but most had also visited the same local shopping centre. Legionnaires’ Disease is caused by a bacterium that is spread in aerosols (very small water particles) often from heated or warm water such as seen with hot tubs, jacuzzis and water misting devices. See the personalised Travel Health Reports and Fact Sheets for further information.

An evidence-based review of insect repellents (Goodyer LI et al Journal of Travel Medicine 2010) advises that there are only 3 active ingredients in insect repellents that provide enough protection (when in appropriate product concentrations) to be recommended. They are those listed advisortravel advisor

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Chikungunya cases have now been detected in Argentina. The first cases were detected throughout January and February 2016. Prevention is by protection against mosquito bites as for dengue and Zika. See travel health reports and our Fact Sheets for further information.

Since this stay was before peak-season, we considered just choosing our site after we arrived to save the $8 reservation fee. There are not many water view sites though, and after I noticed a couple of them had been taken, we decided to make a reservation. We initially reserved site 13 for Friday and Saturday night, and then we called on Thursday to add Thursday to the advisor