Ruffner Mountain

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She is a senior hummingbird now and we can easily pick her out of a bunch of hummingbirds easily. It is hard to explain the happiness when she comes back year after year. She flies hundreds of miles each year to her winter destination and then flew back to the very spot on the feeder each spring.

J&S International disputes Ruffner’s claims, and seeks instead to terminate all future access to the Preserve from the trailhead through the erection of a large industrial facility with gated, razor wire fencing across the entirety of the established trailhead.┬áThe contested parcel, as has afforded access to the 1,000+ acres of public and preserve lands for decades, also encompasses the Historic Birmingham Mineral Rail Line, an easement for which had previously been in place since the mid-1800’s.

In the US, immigration from Latin America has been a major political issue for my entire life. I don’t remember a time when Mexican and Central American Latinos were not present in my community, though. Some of their children were my classmates in grade school, we grew up speaking English and attending school and mass together, and they are as American as I am.

The trailhead also lies on the former Birmingham Mineral Rail Line, the ownership of which is in dispute. Evidence of the historical significance of the Mineral Rail Line was submitted to the Court, as were deeds and related documents establishing that as early as the late 1800’s the mineral rail line passed through the property, as well as the cities of Birmingham and Irondale and Jefferson County.mountain