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Shopping for hotels? You’re in the right place. With millions of reviews from travelers worldwide, we can help you find the ideal hotel, inn or bed & breakfast. And when you’re ready to book, we check 200+ sites to find you the latest and lowest hotel prices. It’s all right here on TripAdvisor! Travel Hacks : Most of the food stalls only open during the night after Maghrib prayers. Dress appropriately and wear a flip flop – anything that scream only the word comfortable. Not because the evening breeze is a bit chilly, but it just going to be so awkward when the locals aunties coming out from the mosque after the Isya’ in telekung while you in mini skirts and bikini top. Trust me, the aunties will definitely get back inside and continue with any other prayers. Qiamullail all the way to Subuh Farj. If it is the Michelin-type-wearing-the-bikini-top-only, the aunties devote another 2 years inside the

Surabaya Travel adalah biro perjalanan yang ada disurabaya yang dirancang khusus bagi Anda yang berdomisili di surabaya, dan sering memakai jasa layanan biro perjalanan travel darat, laut, dan udara, serta melayani paket pengiriman barang.Dengan harga travel yang ada di surabaya dan untuk itu kami ada. Dan untuk luar kota pemesanan bisa melalui SMS, begitu juga ticket kereta api, dan kapal laut Pelni dan swasta,Dengan adanya jaringan dan sistem operasional yang sudah ada, serta memberikan kemudahan bagi berbagai pihak yang membutuhkan sarana layanan traveling di surabaya

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When it’s your first time traveling, you’ll realize that the outside world is simply amazing. You’ll understand that things are much beautiful when you step out of that teeny weeny shell of yours. When you step foot on foreign land, you’re certainly bound to meet new people, new friends, new experiences, etc. These will unlock that little rusty chain in your brain which is preventing you from broadening your mind. So, go out and explore. Discover the world. Gain new perspectives. Experience new cultures. Only by doing so will you get to take a few steps back and ponder about life. Only by doing so will you get to see the world in ways we would never be able to comprehend in our home countries.

About 3 minutes walking along the pathway, you will reach a private small beach about 10 metres long. It is between the Ao Nang beach and Noppharat Thara beach. What make this beach unique is there is a lot of limestone caves and believe me, it is extremely beautiful! So when others went to the island tours and snap a photo on the beach with few other tourist as the background, you basically have a photo shoot with no one around and don’t even need to take the boat ride. Simple use your legs and walk.