Mountain Jam

There is heat in all the dorms, but please make sure you have the bedding you need. There’s no Picasso in such a culture. It’s primarily conservative; you are carrying a style with respect to where it came from, following its rules and designing within its boundaries. Innovators better be very careful: some rules aren’t for breaking. Some work does stand out, but not that far, and rather than create a postmodern free-for-all, superficial elements are absorbed into the culture while the underlying values remain the same.

As I spend time outside working in our yard, and garden, I find peace, solace and comfort as I work, by praying and talking to the Lord and lifting up the needs of my friends and family. There is something quite comforting about the earth, soil, flowers, blooms, trees, skies, the sun, and clouds around me and as I lift up my eyes to the heavens, I know the Lord listens, loves, knows and cares about all these needs, and my heart is quieted within me.mountainmountain

Was this really Southern California, I marveled, as I hurtled myself down switchbacks, near hypothermia? The scenery resembled the Sierra, with a deep forest and huge sand-shaped boulders. Who knew this existed? The landscape was almost impossible to capture via camera, but it was composed of stark and strange beauty. We walked through burned areas, the bones of the land revealed by wildfire.mountain

Globally, one out of eight people live in mountains and many others visit them each year. But mountain habitats are often destroyed to make way for roads, hotels and other developments (such as hydropower). Visitors can damage ecosystems if they trample plants or cart them away.

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