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a natural elevation of the earth’s surface rising more or less abruptly to a summit, and attaining an altitude greater than that of a hill, usually greater than 2000 feet (610 meters). By Tuesday morning, we were re-packed and ready for a road trip! We set off first thing in the direction of the Peak District and after several set backs, eventually found both good rock and good routes in Cheedale. At Ravensdale, we discovered a voluntary bird ban, so re-located to Aldly Cliff, where we found the fixed anchors were being replaced (and therefore, currently removed). Then it started raining and our hopes for climbing seemed to be running out. As we walked into Chee Dale to ‘have a look’, the skies suddenly cleared and we were rewarded for our persistence!

Our attention has been drawn to the fragility of Planet Earth by the space programme. Ever since the early Apollo missions, pictures of planet Earth from space have been widely available, starting with the most famous ‘Earth Rising’, taken as Apollo 8 emerged from behind the moon. This has been called ‘the most influential environmental photograph ever taken’. For, it is argued, now that humanity can see the Earth alone within the vast reaches of space, we will realise her beauty, fragility and significance and band together to protect and preserve her as our home.mountain

Or they end up in cities just like it, the world over, working for slave wages in the usually foreign-owned sweat shops. In the case of Juarez, these are called maquiladoras, and many are situated just across the physical border with the United States. Here the cheap and easy conveniences of global trade are churned out by the truckload. This work never pays well enough to sustain the workers, so many turn to crime – prostitution, drug trafficking, gangs – just to survive.

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Our goal is to help develop and support community-based tourism that simultaneously contributes to the conservation of ecosystems and sustainable livelihoods for local people. The UIAA mountain protection platform is an instrument to encourage knowledge exchange and support key mountain stakeholders whose activities have the same objectives.mountain