Low Airfares

Frequent travelers usually know when and when not to call travel agents. This article is dedicated for those who may not be too sure about airfare deals and the best times of the years to call a travel agent. On March 17, Level Airlines burst onto the scene, promoting one-way tickets from the US to Europe for an impressive $149. While flights won’t start until June, tickets can be purchased now from Barcelona to Los Angeles (June 1), San Francisco (June 2), Punta Cana (June 10) and Buenos Aires (June 17). After announcing these rock-bottom prices, Level’s website had issues processing requests, and managed to sell 52,000 tickets in just 24 hours.airfare

The best advice that can be given is to do your research. Find out your options. Most importantly, be as flexible and open as you can. Also, don’t forget to ask for a discount. Many times, airlines are not going to give you the lowest airfare unless you ask. Of course, this may take you some extra time, but it may pay off with allowing you to have a little extra cash in your pocket come time for your vacation. That makes it worth it!

While hotel, rent a car, domestic flights and tour prices certainly decrease in the off season airfare to Costa Rica doesn’t necessarily. Airlines cut their capacity dramatically and some even stop flying altogether instead of operating partially full flights or offering bargain fares. There may be a few deals around but overall airfare tends to be similar or even higher in the low season.airfare

Being a part of the IAG network is one of the reasons Level is able to offer such competitive fares. For now, travelers can only book flights out of Barcelona, which is the home base for Vueling. This allows Level flights to feed into Vueling’s extensive network that currently includes more than 100 destinations around the world. While the new airline does have two new Airbus A330 aircraft, initial flights will be operated by Iberia’s flight and cabin crew.airfare

Select your home city from the list below (just click on your city name) to go right to the full set of fare listings. Here you’ll find the lowest fares to the top 50 metro airports. If there have been major fare cuts overnight, a link to the fare cut summary appears at the top of the page.