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Refrigerated Trucking Company- How to Hire the Best It is no longer an easy job to hire a trucking company nowadays. Finding the right refrigerating company has become a daunting task because of the many trucking vendors and truckers proving the shipping services. Below are some ways in which you can narrow your search list of the trucking service providers. Utilize a Load Board If you want your refrigerated needs to be seen and bid on by the trucking community, you will just need to drop your shipment on the board and invite bidders. It can be quick and efficient and assists you in finding the right company that can adequately satisfy your shipping needs. Search Online This is an incredibly easy and speedy way of searching for trucking service providers without wasting much time. Note that you might end up with massive quantities of information after making the search. After taking the time to sift through the search results, you can finally narrow down some businesses that you will contact about your shipping request. Search industry and federal databases to ensure that these carriers are deemed fit to perform transport services.
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Seek help from the Industry Associations You can contact industry sources to see if you can find some refrigerated trucking companies operating within your area. For instance the Transportation Intermediaries Association offers a Watchdog service in which intermediaries report negligent carriers that double-broker, cancel on the loads at the last minute or back-solicit. This is a great tool that helps you avoid making back reports to your client on service failure.
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Carrier Qualification System Implementation When it comes to refrigerated carriers a carrier qualification team is necessary to prevent cargo claims and service failures. For instance your carrier setup team take measures to ensure that your refrigerated motor carrier has enough cargo insurance to cover your every load as well as reefer breakdown coverage. It is nearly impossible to run through the pages of each carrier’s insurance policy to learn their policy exclusions and still cover your shipment in a timely manner. The Transportation Intermediaries Association offers template contacts and carrier qualification guidelines to ensure that you have practiced due diligence in selecting your refrigerated carrier. Look them up the BBB The Better Business Bureau is a great way of identifying whether or not a business has been to its customers. Not every business operating out there is a member of the BBB, but it will do no harm for you to check. By not appearing on the Better Business Bureau list does not necessarily disqualify a company from being a reliable one. The ways of finding a suitable refrigerated company are many. As an additional way, reading through trucking magazines and books, you can get the best tracking carrier for your shipping needs.