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How Mexico Drug Violence Impacts Tourism Stats Worldwide

MASTA (ANZ) has undergone a name change and is now known as Travel Health Advisor. Hi! Welcome to Small World, a Malaysian travel blog by Chengy & Camel. Small World is our digital travel diary, a mean of recording the lives of other people and our travel journeys into eternal. We travel at least twice a year, backpacking across Southeast Asia. Here in Small World, the idea of traveling is not a luxury, we often travel in an economical way so that it gives us both a chance to travel more frequent and not just get stuck with an idea of a yearly advisortravel advisor

Our stay at the Crowne Plaza Lansing West was just as impressive this trip as it had been November 2016 The hotel is very clean and well maintained, and the staff is excellent. There was a minor snag with my first night’s stay, and staff members went above and beyond to make this right. There is more information about that at the end of this post. I had two separate stays here, which I am combining into this one post. We stayed on a weekday, and then on the weekend a week later. I used points for both nights.

One of the most accessible destinations, with lots of nonstop flights from around the country. A Mediterranean climate means outdoor activities are available year-round, and it offers incredible diversity: mountains, desert, and coastline a short drive from Beverly Hills, Hollywood, and Disneyland!

Every year, Tripadvisor, the world’s largest travel and tourism website, publishes Travelers’ Choice Awards rankings for worldwide, countrywide, and regional tourism preference in a number of categories. The 2014 awards numbers clearly indicate that vacationers are still leery of visiting Mexico, but that they do take solace in the comfort, safety and security of Mexico’s all-inclusive resorts, and prefer them over others around the globe.

I was on TripAdvisor in order to warn people about an attraction in my town however they decided to censor my review and not post it while positive reviews always get approved and I have done plenty of research that shows that I am by far not the only one having issues or being censored. This website and its people are engaging in direct censorship for dubious reasons. Whether this is because they are paid by those companies to keep reviews positive or not is yet to be proven but I imagine it would not be hard. Needless to say they are not trustworthy and should not be used advisor