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a. Industri hotel tergolong industri yang padat modal serta padat karya yang artinya dalam pengelolaannya memerlukan modal usaha yang besar dengan tenaga pekerja yang banyak pula. In the hunger of finding the best accommodation option, we often lean towards finding hotel deals that provide it all and often pay more for services and amenities that we don’t really required. Before making your hotel booking with B&B, All Inclusive and half-board options, always sort your requirements and think accordingly whether you will be needing those services or not. It is quite obvious that the more services you add on your hotel room, the more you are going to pay. Hence, always book for the things you require and try to avoid those services that you might use and can get them if required as an add-on.hotel

Hong Kong knows how to kick back better than most and Tsim Sha Tsui is one of its most famous party spots. From sleek bars to vibrant pubs, buzzing nightclub dancefloors to live music venues, there’s something for everyone in a city famous for its ability to party.

Kereta api adalah cara populer menuju Bandung. Stasiun Bandung Hall adalah stasiun pemberhentian utama di Bandung dan dilewati hampir semua kereta api eksekutif, bisnis dan ekonomi Beberapa stasiun lainnya di Bandung termasuk Stasiun Kiaracondong, Stasiun Cicalengka dan Stasiun Rancaekek.

At Clarion Hotel Stockholm we work proactively for a greener society. We need your help with this. We offer you the opportunity to opt out of having your room cleaned if you stay more than one night. In return, we give you 750 Choice Club points or the opportunity to donate your points to UNICEF and our joint project Sweet Dreams The programme is called Green Stay and your proactive choice for the environment means the reduction of electricity and water consumption. We all come out on top – the environment too!hotelhotel

The connotations of contemporary threats translate into several crucial aspects regarding hotel security. First, the risk assessment is no longer an option for hotels, but rather a necessary tool. Secondly, the security manager and his or her team must be professionally trained and qualified to deal with today’s contemporary hotel security threats. Third, hotels benefit from joining an industry organization whereby they can be kept abreast of measures that their competitors are taking in terms of hotel security. Finally, hotels must have an orderly system in place whereby they are periodically updated about the local and/or national security warning level by law-enforcement bodies.