Initially, you need to find out who the online airfare players are and don’t be exclusively loyal to any one of them at this point of time. Find out what each site has to say and specialises in and then start your search with the one that meets your checklist. You can also get an air ticket at the price quoted by you. You have to enter your destination city and the price for which you will like to buy the ticket. Various airlines sites will be searched to see if they can offer the ticket on the price quoted by you. However you have to make adjustments for the flight even if it doesn’t suit you.airfareairfare

Travel outside of regular business hours – if travel is required on a certain date and pre-planning has been accomplished to maximum extent possible, allow the traveler to choose the more expensive fare available during business hours defied by your company policy vs a cheaper fare available outside such hours. The more expensive fare has to be the only available airfare during business hours, and does not necessarily have to be in business class.

Most people look to the major airlines for cheap flights. Don’t take this as the general rule. You may in fact find that the smaller charter or small scale airlines are the way to save some dough. These flights are usually scheduled to popular destinations during the season when many people travel to these places. Unlike the major airlines, when booking far in advance usually gets you the best fare, you can often do better with small carriers when you buy your ticket at the last minute. However, these fares usually come with restrictions, so you may not be able to get a refund or reschedule your flight if you change your mind at the last minute. Check your local airports for information on which smaller airlines fly out of your area.airfare

To take it to the next level, use the filters in Google Flights to customize your search BEFORE you click the calendar. For instance, let’s say you only want direct flights on Star Alliance airlines. Choose these filters before you look at the calendar. This way, the green prices reflect the type of ticket you actually want to book. If you just want the cheapest possible ticket and don’t care about the airline, times or number of connections, then you can leave these filters alone.

When you find the cheapest rates, immediately book your tickets. If you think you could still find cheaper fares, continue your search. Do not forget that some flights are cheaper, depending on their time. Flights scheduled very early in the morning or very late at night are usually less costly as fewer people prefer to travel on such hours.