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Cocaine: Here Are the Side Effects

Cocaine has got to be among the things that can make life agonizing. This is a strong stimulant sourced from a plant known as the coca and has been seen to result in short lived euphoria. The many side effects associated with cocaine make it something that needs to be avoided. Talked about in the article here are side effects caused by cocaine that we all need to be aware about.

The excitement caused by cocaine is second to none and this could sound like an admirable thing, but this is far from the truth. This is usually followed by bouts of dizziness, headaches, confusion and nausea as a result of alteration in body compounds such as dopamine, serotonin, among others. Cocaine addiction can be caused by stress and thus the stress that comes from being in such a state will only makes things worse.

Cocaine is additionally an archenemy of the throat now that inhalation is a preferred method of use. There will be a decreased blood supply with each inhalation and this is the best recipe for nose bleeds and nasal irritation. There will be difficulty when swallowing and other issues such as hoarseness and sore throats that are a result of inhaling cocaine vapors.

Cocaine smoking also carries the risk of breathing complications. Cocaine will in most cases leave residues in the lungs and this can lead to issues such as bronchitis and chronic coughs. The residues are as a result of inhibition of the lungs ability to process gases. The individual suffers shortness of breath, chest pains, continuous coughs, and can even cause fluids to enter the lungs hence resulting in a condition known as pulmonary edema. Pulmonary edema is a serious condition that causes respiratory failure and even causes death at the tail end.

The cardiopulmonary system is not spared either as cocaine will cause abnormal heart beats or even affect heart muscles so as to cause cardiomyopathy. Your health could go to the dogs once as aorta dissection can easily snowball into aortic rupture. Chronic use of cocaine also comes with coronary arteries becoming hardened and narrowed.

It goes without saying that cocaine injections can cause skin tissue destruction. It won’t be long before skin ulcers pop up and this can result in skin conditions like cellulitis. Subcutaneous emphysema could also pop up now that cocaine causes painful air pockets at the skin situated around the neck.

There is no doubt that cocaine is a destructive drug that should be given a wide berth. If you are already an addict, you will be happy to learn that Canadian centre for addictions helps quit cocaine. Join this today and you will stop the habit in no time.
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