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Five Reasons To Consider Working With A Travel Advisor

If you are searching for Costa Rica family vacations, you will want to know the best locations to choose. It is not only important to be close to the beach, but to have enough activities and attractions to keep kids busy. Whether you are planning a Costa Rica family holiday with smaller kids or teenagers, there are plenty to see and do in this Central American paradise of nature. You can relax on the beach, go on hiking or dive into the sea. The choice is yours, but we would like to give you a quick overview of the best locations and travel deals. WHO advises that, at 8 September 2010, outbreaks of polio are continuing to occur in these two countries. The causative strain is the wild poliovirus type 1 (WPV1). The outbreak in Angola commenced in April 2007 and has spread to DR Congo. A case in Burundi in 2009 was linked to the same outbreak. WHO regards the polio situation in Central Africa as the greatest impediment to being able to eradicate polio from Africa. Previous problem areas have had no ongoing outbreaks eg West Africa (no cases since 1 May 2010) and Horn of Africa (no cases for more than 12 months), but continued surveillance is essential to ensure that new cases are not missed. Travellers to countries where polio still occurs, or to countries bordering on such countries, should be in date for polio vaccination. See the personalised Travel Health Reports and Fact Sheets for further advisor

Measles transmission occurs in many overseas destinations including tropical countries. Measles cases in returned travellers can lead to outbreaks in their home country upon return. Travellers have returned from some popular destinations in recent times (e.g. Bali) and have subsequently been diagnosed as having measles. Travellers should know their measles immune-status and check with their doctor to determine whether they require measles vaccination. See our website health reports for more advisor

Morning: Walk to Perth Train Station → Fremantle Train Station (Upon arrival at Fremantle Station, walk for 4 minute to Victoria Quay. Once on Victoria Quay, walk in a North-westerly direction to B-Shed office ) and depart via ferry ride to Rottnest Island at 9.35am.

You’ve come to the right place! Brownell travel advisors are the best travel agents in the world! Use the menus at the top to select a travel advisor based on the destination you wish to visit, or the type travel you are interested in (family travel, honeymoon, luxury beach vacation, safari, etc.) You will be presented with a list of specialists, each uniquely qualified to help with your travel plans. Visit each of their pages for a virtual introduction. Browse through their photos, see their most recent and upcoming travel plans and read unedited testimonials from their clients. Select the travel advisor that you feel is the best fit for your personality and travel dreams. Can’t make a decision? That’s ok too! Click the Request Travel Info” button on our homepage and we’ll match you with a travel advisor.

Once you become a Brownell Traveler, you are unlikely to ever book travel on your own again! You will find that your travel advisor adds value to even the simplest of reservations and the experience of working with him/her is a great joy. We find that clients often come to us the first time when they have become frustrated with travel agency call centers and are looking for true expertise and guidance with one of the travel types below. Of course, this is just a small sample of the type of travel experiences our advisors create in collaboration with their advisor