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Most of the material contained on this website are scans of my personal timetables. Airline photographs and some route maps have been taken from Google image searches. All timetables copyright by the respective owners. If you are a copyright holder of a picture, logo, or timetable on this site and want your material credited or removed, please leave a comment and I will happily comply. Singapore Airlines has had its Airbus A350 ULR configuration disclosed to the media. SQ has on order 7 variants of this type on order which shall be used to operate nonstop from SIN to Newark (EWR) and LAX (Los Angeles) on a daily basis each respectively.airline flights

Children between the ages of 5 and under 12 years who will be traveling alone are considered unaccompanied minors. Flights booked are subject to a fee of Rs.1500 / Rs.3000 (Domestic/International) each way per unaccompanied minor. Once booked, please fill out the Unaccompanied Minor form” available on our website, print 4 copies and bring them with you to the airport.

Prior to the Navajos entering service, West Coast operated Piper Aztecs, which I suspect may have been provided by Piper as an interim aircraft until the Navajos could be delivered. In the January 16, 1967 timetable, it appears that 2 Aztecs were in use, one operating between Roseburg and Eugene, and the other connecting Sun Valley and Burley/Rupert to Twin Falls.airline flightsairline flights

Throb had of course paid all their money to XL, and now cannot recover those funds. This is the problem with tour operator to tour operator sales. Passenger’s remain protected through the bonding scheme, but the tour operator who has paid their money (in this case to XL Leisure, as opposed to the airline) loses it and simply becomes a creditor.

Online services are the trends now in different industry especially for promotions and other marketing related strategies. There is no doubt that the internet really helps a lot in reaching those people to provide better services. Major beneficiary of online services are airlines and other commercial related establishments. With the inclusion of airlines in the internet system, you can now get the flight booking online schedule that you want without exerting too much effort.