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Airfare can be a stranglehold whether it is domestic or international. More often than not, international airfare costs a great deal more than domestic airfare. There are several ways that you can fly out of the country without griping too much about the state of your wallet. If you are travelling around Asia, it might be an idea to consider booking flights on the low cost carriers between the countries that you intend visiting. Long haul flights offered by low cost airlines are only now being introduced between London and some parts of Southeast Asia. However, travel between south eastern Asian countries such as Singapore and Vietnam can be accomplished relying mainly on the low cost air carriers. There are also a handful of domestic airlines operating in Asian flights

Some countries require proof of return or onward travel. For instance, Costa Rica will require you to show proof that you will be leaving their country unless you are a Costa Rican citizen. Proof of return or onward travel includes a return air ticket, a bus ticket, a cruise line ticket – something that shows you intend to leave the country. Be ready to show your proof of return or onward travel to the customer service representative or you may need to purchase a ticket at the airport before you leave for Costa flights

If you fly during the day, chances are, you will arrive at a busy airport. But try to fly during the night especially at the early morning. Here, you can notice that there are less flyers simply because there are less flights. But that is not the end of the story. Passengers don’t want to fly on these hours. And with fewer passengers, there are more available seats. And applying the law of supply and demand, airlines tend to give cheaper seats during the time of the day or the earliest hour of the day just to make sure the plane is flying with as many passengers as it could.

Tickets can be purchased on all major airlines, either as a single trip, return trip, or as part of a holiday package. Flightsite hosts some of the biggest airlines in the world, with fares ranging from first-class to economy. Flights can be booked online from any location in the flights

No frills carrier SpiceJet today cut down its base fare for its evening International flight tickets to Kathmandu in order to Re also 1 for 2 days starting off currently, as well as introduced so it will probably deploy 2 more flights to aid evacuation of vacationers stranded throughout earthquake-devastated Nepal.