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Find cheap flights and get the best cheap ticket by searching all major airlines for cheap airfares. is the premier online travel planning and flight-booking site. Book Late. This sounds like the opposite advice to the above! If you’ve got plenty of flexibility with your flight plans, then look around for specials about 4 to 10 weeks before your planned departure date – if airlines have not filled up their planes, this is when they’ll be trying to fill them up with flight specials. For example, Mango’s regular flight specials typically apply for selected dates in the current month and the following month, on which they are struggling to fill up their plane tickets

Buy tickets online. Search the cheapest airfare rates not only from the biggest and most popular online travel agencies but extend your search to new travel agencies then buy tickets online. You can also visit the airlines website offering the cheapest airfare rates and purchase tickets online. Most airlines offer discounts on prices of tickets bought online.

Here’s the rub: Seat assignments are assigned before boarding. So, families traveling together may not be able to sit together. What’s more, for most travelers, full-size carry-on bags will not be allowed on board. You’ll only be able to stow a small bag or purse under the seat in front of you. If you arrive at the gate with a bag, you’ll be required to check it for that $25 fee.

Some of this information is helpful but if you’re a fan of Southwest, the best deal hands down is the Southwest Companion Pass. For those of you who never heard of it, it is basically buy one get one free tickets. The easiest way to get it is to apply for 2 Southwest Visa cards that have the 50,000 point sign up bonus. Right now the public offer is 40,000 points per card but I do have referrals That will get you 50,000. It only takes 110,000 to earn it and it is good for the year you earn it plus the following year. Best part is you don’t have to use your points to buy” the pass. The points are used to book award flights and your companion flies on those free as well. Click on the link for plane ticketscheap plane tickets

In fact many discount air carriers go above and beyond when it comes to making the passengers comfortable. They will leave an entire can of soda with each passenger as well as a larger and better selection of snacks. Once again their philosophy of happy customers shows through with even the most simple aspects of their flights.