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If your agency is already registered, and you need an individual agent account, log into My Account with the IATA/CLIA/TRUE number and agency-unique password. An e-shop is another online business opportunity that needs very little or no start-up cost at all. You can start by setting up an account on online auction sites like eBay or by taking advantage of your social media networks like Facebook. If you don’t have start-up capital, you can sell used or pre-owned stuff. You see, your junk can be other people’s treasure. So raid your closet, take out everything you no longer use but are still in mint condition, and sell agency

Boleh juga menggunakan kata2 yang aneh & nyeleneh seperti Rawon setan bikin ketagihan” atau rasanya kenyel-kenyel gurih” atau Warung JANDA (Jajanan serba ada)”. Pokoknya intinya bebas-bebas aja. Gak usah pusing2 & yang penting enak dibaca atau didengar, jadi mudah diingat.

b. Marketing strategies: In order to achieve the above goal, your strategies should be this way. Target marketing: Develop plans targeting couples and individuals aged 25-35, married, with household income greater than $60,000. Secure corporate accounts by targeting local businesses.

But what about the cost? Well, you will have paid the agency a certain amount, and probably saved at least that if not more. And that’s only talking about money, don’t forget that they’ll have saved you a lot of money. And everyone knows that time IS money. Travel agnecies get good deals, so you’ll either end up paying the same amount of money overall that you wouldve done without travel agency and get a better standard – or pay less and get the same standard. Just outline what you want from the trip and what your budget is. And don’t forget that travel agency’s have experience. They’ve organised safari holidays where animals have gone wild, they’ve organised hiking holidays where someone has been injured. Just pick up the phone, and they can give you details of the nearest hospital or put you through to the emergency services, like a 24 hour personal assistant. So if you want to get value for money, I recommend travel agencies – even if they cost you a little to agency

PlEASE NOTE: Bookings made within one day of scheduled flight departure will require instant payment at the time of the booking creation. A valid form of payment is required to be in the PNR prior to ending the transaction. Bookings made within one day of scheduled flight departure will not be put on a 4 hour hold and will receive a BOOKING CAN NOT BE PUT ON HOLD” response with an NO agency