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All prices are subject to availability and can be withdrawn or varied without notice. Please note that prices quoted are subject to change. Price changes may occur by reason of matters outside our control which increase the cost of the product or service. Please contact our consultant for different departure quotation and blackout. This flight simulator 2016 is closely integrated with Google Maps, so this gives you a very realistic view of the mountains, rivers, traffic, cities, airport approaching lights, tower warning lights and more underneath you. The weather effects are realistic too, and you will experience first-hand how it’s like to navigate a plane in stormy weather conditions, for example.flight

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Poland’s principal sea port and the capital of the Pomeranian Voivodeship is another cultural gem, with gorgeous historical buildings drawing in many tourists. The Church of the Holy Trinity, Town Hall, Golden Gate and the museum ship SS Soldek make it a particularly popular resort among curious travellers.flight