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Another budget solution with low-cost carrier Norwegian this time to sunny California when departing from various European airports. Roundtrip tickets to Oakland (San Francisco) from Scandinavia are now starting at just €261, from London already for £260 or Berlin from €341. This is including all taxes and fees however you need to pay extra for checked luggage, inflight meals or seat reservation. The city of Abuja is incredibly amazing and is a great holiday destination as well. Here you will find plenty of sites and adventure to enjoy your summer holidays with family, friends and beloveds and to extract a maximum amount of enjoyment you may ever get. The traditional city and the capital of Nigeria is surely has a versatility of cooking and pleasing outsiders by delicious food. Here with the help of Crystal Travel and Tours, we have prepared a list of the best restaurant in the city service utmost delightful flight ticketscheap flight tickets

It would surely look stupid by holding guide book in the middle of sidewalk and seeing huge maps. Not only it annoys the pedestrians there are strong chances to attract glares from locals. What you can do is to read the guidebook before leaving the house. However, if you can’t still part away from guidebook, you can buy the less heavy and smaller flight tickets

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The musical city of Nigeria, Abuja is a spectacular city for vacations and is a perfect holiday destination where you can have the most relaxing time to spend with family and friends. This city is the home of many indescribable sites and hotspots that are great to visit and extremely amazing that you will remember rest of your life. Abuja has everything like sites, landscapes, restaurants, markets, bars, café and much more.

A former Dutch trading port and one of the untouched beaches of Accra, Ada Foah is one of the best sites of the city where you can have the most admirable time with beloved to spend some quality and soothing moments looking the blessings of nature and soaking the refreshing essence of coast. There are many resorts here too for accommodation and you will find many vendors selling the required stuff like food, supplies, drinks and much more.